The Charke/Cormier Duo Play Contemporary

The Charke/Cormier Duo will perform a concert of contemporary works at The Lunenburg Academy of Music Performance on June 4, 2016 at 8:00PM.

The programme is as follows:
Toward the Sea (1981) – Toru Takemitsu

I. The Night
II. Moby Dick
III. Cape Cod

Wired & Released (2013) – Derek Charke

II. And

Musiques Populaires Brésiliennes (1988) – Celso Machado

I. Paçoca (Choro)
II. Quebra Queixo (Choro)
III. Piazza Vittorio (Choro Maxixe)
IV. Algodão Doce (Samba)
V. Sambossa (Bossa Nova)
VI. Pé de Moleque (Samba Choro)

~ ~ Intermission ~ ~
The Engine Continuum (2013) – Derek Charke

Ex Tempore (2016) – Derek Charke

World Premiere

Histoire du Tango (1986) – Astor Piazzolla

I. Bordell – 1900
II. Café – 1930
III. Nightclub – 1960
IV. Concert d’aujourd’hui
Ticket Price: $26.10+tax

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