With Lilypond each time I start a new project I start with a template file….here is the code: %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% Headers %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% \version “2.10.33” \header { title = “” subtitle = “” tagline = “Eugene Cormier – 2008” } \paper { print-page-number = ##f ragged-last-bottom = ##t ragged-right = ##f indent = 0\in } #(set-global-staff-size […]

I use Lilypond quite a lot, and over time I’ve realized the usefulness of variables. In Lilypond you can easily make a variable by doing the following: variablename = { whatever you want your variable to contain } let me give an example….If I want to typeset a piece for guitar quartet (or any collection […]

New Virtualbox today….some of the differences I’ve noticed: Guest additions now work with Windows 7 New icon for Windows 7 Guest additions now work with Ubuntu Jaunty USB pass through now works out of the box with Ubuntu hosts For the full change log see here: Virtualbox 2.1.2 changelog

Practicing: Obviously people fill tomes about different “practice” methods, and it’s a very complex topic. In this post I just want to write about what I find works for me right now (over the years I’ve tried many different ways of practicing). Most of the time when I pick up a new piece (or even […]

EDIT: see my new post about this here: Linux DVD conversion to h264 aac mp4 ——————————————————————— Simply use ddrescue…to install in Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install gddrescue To use: ddrescue -d /dev/cdrom output.iso It is by far the best/easiest program I’ve seen for rescuing data and it will recover everything possible. (It works great on CDs […]