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I’m quite busy practicing these days and I have a couple of exciting projects to share with you:

1. I’ve been working with our school’s composition/flute prof, Derek Charke, putting together a concert of Classical Guitar and Flute music. So far we’ve chosen to perform a set of pieces by Celso Machado, Histoire du Tango by Piazzolla, and I’m working on my continuo chops on Bach’s Flute Sonata (BWV 1034). Should be a really great concert! (I’m always amazed at the guitar writing of Piazzolla, for a non guitarist he sure knew how to toe the line of unplayable without going over!!)

2. I’m preparing two pieces of Shawn Bell, Currents I & II, for recording. I performed Currents II many years ago and loved the piece so it’s nice to revisit it with a bit more wisdom. It’s my first time working on Currents I and I have to say that this is another of Shawn’s gems! It shares similar rhytmic pulses and harmony with Currents II, but has a very different feel overall. You can now purchase Shawn’s pieces from D’Oz for the first time here:

These are really great guitar works, and I’m so happy that Shawn has finally published them officially!

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