I’ve always been very serious about data safety. I’ve lost data more than once, and so when I moved into the linux world I searched high and low for a backup system that would suit me. At the time, not many options existed, but one that stood out was the rsync + cp with hard […]

Exciting news: I’ve created a new program which randomly generates music theory/rudiments worksheets and corresponding answer keys. I’ve been working on this a few months and I’ve got most of the bugs worked out. To use the program itself you need to download the source and you have to have Python3 and lilypond installed on […]

It’s been a very long time since I posted anything, so it’s my new year’s resolution to do more this year. This first post of the year will be a computer post. Over the holidays I picked up a MacBook Air, and I have to say I love the design. Some of the highlights include: back-lit keyboard, multi-touch […]

I’m just starting to fully realize how truly amazing mencoder actually is. It’s helping me do things that I previously thought were impossible. For example, I have a few avi files which were split to fit on multiple cds. Now every time in the past that I’ve tried to combine these I’ve seen disaster (problems […]

New Virtualbox today….some of the differences I’ve noticed: Guest additions now work with Windows 7 New icon for Windows 7 Guest additions now work with Ubuntu Jaunty USB pass through now works out of the box with Ubuntu hosts For the full change log see here: Virtualbox 2.1.2 changelog

EDIT: see my new post about this here: Linux DVD conversion to h264 aac mp4 ——————————————————————— Simply use ddrescue…to install in Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install gddrescue To use: ddrescue -d /dev/cdrom output.iso It is by far the best/easiest program I’ve seen for rescuing data and it will recover everything possible. (It works great on CDs […]